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[testimonial author=”David White, Marketing Manager”]They really understand what it takes to get a proposition right and deliver it well.[/testimonial]

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[testimonial author=”James Eiloart, SVP Global Sales”]…have a deep understanding of sales, marketing and how to make the two work together, a rare combination.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”David Barret, Client Manager”]…enthusiasm and creativity made for a most successful relationship that delivered real results.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Richard Terry, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sogeti UK”]Honesty, integrity, clarity, creativity and value for money are just a few of the words that David asked me to say on their behalf, as you can see I’m happy too.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Martin O’Neal, Director”]In-depth knowledge of the sales process and buyer psychology… recommend to anyone that wishes to improve the way they interact with customers.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Steven Waters, Director”]Completely transformed our approach and this is borne out by the results.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Shaileen Newson, Project Director”]The teams work ethic is outstanding and it was a pleasure to work with them.[/testimonial]

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[testimonial author=”Paul Blackmore, Sales & Marketing Director”]…helped us move much faster in a more structured and comprehensive manner. We’re not explaining to customers what we do, but what we can do for them… a much more meaningful dialogue.[/testimonial]

Shared Knowledge Solutions

[testimonial author=”Mark Kobrin, Sales Manager”]…thorough in understanding the challenges and creative with solutions, I look forward to working with Adara whenever challenges present themselves.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Graham Frost, Group Managing Director”]…personal coaching was adapted to assist both mature and less experienced sales folk and enabled independent critique that helped to change behaviours… very satisfied with the results and service.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”George Grieg, Head of Emergency Services”]The team thoroughly enjoyed David’s approach and style, with many commenting on the benefit and value.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Tony Speakman, Regional Director”]If you want real sales work going on in your sales team get them involved.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Andy Fryer, Managing Director”]…demystified the sales process and helped us communicate effectively with prospects, which is getting what we wanted: results.[/testimonial]